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Autumn Craft Ideas for Kids

Autumn Craft Ideas for Kids

Getting your kids involved with autumn craft ideas serves many purposes. You can spend more time with your children, plus teach them some of the history surrounding the different holidays that occur during the fall. It’s a win-win situation all the way around.

Paper Bag Crafts

Get small lunch-size paper bags, scraps of fabric, crayons, construction paper, paints, and glue. Then let your child create a turkey, settlers, Native Americans and other types of designs from their paper bags. There is nothing right or wrong in this area. Let their imaginations soar.

Leaf Collage 

A great fall craft idea is to create a leaf collage. First, you can have fun with your children finding leaves and other fall items out of doors to use for the college. Then you can choose the type of surface that you need to stick it all to in an attractive arrangement.

Cork Animals and People 

Use glue or a glue gun to stick buttons, fabric scraps, felt, and more to corks from wine bottles, to make people or animals out of cork. You can make owls, turkeys, and more. Help your child with the glue gun part as the glue is super-hot.

Paper Plate Crafts

Paper plates are the perfect surface to use to make pumpkins, apples, and other fall decorations with your kids. All you need is some paint, fabric, glue, buttons, and anything else you want to stick to the paper plates to make the design. Your child can even make handprints to give to grandma as a gift.

Tile Crafts

For this craft, all you need is some square tile samples (white is best), along with sharpies, alcohol, and felt. Color the tile, then use drops of alcohol to change the shape of the colors to make beautiful designs. You can then glue felt to the bottom after it dries, spray on a fixative on top with Hodgepodge, and you have some beautiful coasters for the holidays.

Pinecone Crafts

Pinecone crafts are fun because you get to the first hunt for the pinecones, then use your imagination to make wonderful centerpieces, name settings, and other designs. A fun thing to do is to use pinecones to make flowers. Get some pipe cleaners and, using a glue gun, stick the pinecones to the pipe cleaner. Let your child paint the pinecones different colors to make a "flower" bouquet of pinecones to put in a vase for a beautiful centerpiece.

Fall Leaves Crafts 

Leaves can work in a variety of ways to help you create fall crafts with kids. One idea is to use wax paper, old crayons, and a leaf template (or a real leaf). Cut two pieces of wax paper into a size you can handle. Shave your crayons on one piece, spreading it around, then top with the other piece. Cover with a towel, then use a hot iron to melt the crayons.

When it’s dry, use your leaf template to trace around it, then cut it. You can make a lot of leaves this way and put them behind glass. You can incorporate real leaves into your design too. Put in a frame and use to decorate for your fall dinners and events.

Autumn craft ideas for kids are plentiful and easy. Just let your imagination go. The idea is to spend time with your child and have something for them to show for it to use as centerpieces, fall décor, and even gifts.

From fall banners to leafy finger puppets, here are 8 of my favorite autumn DIY projects for children!

  • Fall Apple Banner. Image source: Multiples and More. ...
  • Acorn Owls. How cute are these? ...
  • Marbled Leaf Art. ...
  • Pine Cone Hedgehog. ...
  • Fall Leaves Garland. ...
  • Pine Cone Turkey. ...
  • Tissue Leaf Suncatcher. ...
  • Leaf People Finger Puppets.
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