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Six DIY Fall Wreaths (A Round-Up) 

Fall is a great time to create a wreath for your door to help celebrate the season. Luckily, it’s not that hard to create wreaths. Most items you can buy at Walmart, on Amazon, or at any local craft store. Below is a round-up of awesome fall do-it-yourself wreath ideas that don’t require a lot of skill to be successful.
DIY Fall Wreaths

1. Rustic DIY Fall Wreath from Consumer Crafts

This fall wreath idea is beautiful in its simplicity and shows that with just a few well-placed items you can bring the spirit of fall to everyone who crosses your threshold. All you need is a grapevine wreath form, vine, burlap ribbon, floral wire, pinecones (which you can get outside), a tag and a hot glue gun, and you’re on your way to making this simple wreath that is also beautiful to look at. It would make a great gift.

Step One. I wanted my wreath to be larger than 12″ and a bit more rustic looking so I disassembled my grapevine wreath a bit and stretched it out. Feel free to leave your wreath form the way it is if you’re happy with the look and size.

Rustic DIY Fall Wreath from Consumer Crafts

Step Two. Wrap wired sisal vine around the wreath to secure and add a nice decorative element all at the same time.

Rustic DIY Fall Wreath from Consumer Crafts

Step Three. Form loops in the burlap ribbon and tie with baker’s twine or floral wire. Glue burlap loops in place on the DIY fall wreath with hot glue. Don’t worry about the ties being seen, the loops will lay on top of each other and hide them.

Rustic DIY Fall Wreath from Consumer Crafts

Step Four. Once ribbons are in place, apply a generous amount of hot glue to the back of the pine cones and secure in place in the desired spot on the wreath.

Rustic DIY Fall Wreath from Consumer Crafts

Step Five. Use the clothespin back to attach the mini chalkboard sign to the wreath. You can either write an Autumn sentiment by hand or print out a small faux chalkboard message and glue in place.

Rustic DIY Fall Wreath from Consumer Crafts

I love the look of this DIY fall wreath and can’t wait to decorate my front porch with it! One of my favorite parts of this tutorial is that there’s so much room for customization. You can always change out the ribbon or mini chalkboard sign to match any of your existing decors.

Rustic DIY Fall Wreath from Consumer Crafts

Hope you enjoy and have a great rest of the summer!

2. Punch Fabric Wreath 

All you need for this is a straw wreath form that is covered in plastic, and about four yards of fabric cut into four-inch squares. You can use pinking shears to make different types of cuts and get frames in all shapes and sizes. After the fabric is cut, use a Phillips-head screwdriver to carefully punch the fabric into the wreath form until it looks full and rich from the front. Add ribbon, and you have a beautiful fall punch fabric wreath.

How to Make a Punch Fabric Wreath
This punch fabric wreath is so versatile; change the fabric change the look.  This is good for any occasion, however, because it is material you will probably want to hang it indoors.  

  • Start with a straw wreath form.  Above baby, a wreath is on a 14" and the patriotic wreath is on a 16"form.
  • Fabric: Pick out your fabric according to the occasion you are making it for.  You will need approximately 5 yards of material for a 14' wreath form.  Seven yards for the 16".  Give or take depending on how tight you make your punches.
  • You will need a yardstick.
  • Scissors or pinking sheers.  I used scissors for the patriotic wreath above and pinking sheers for the baby wreath.  Slightly different look, depending on your preference.
  • Flat screwdriver to punch fabric into the form.
Punch Fabric Wreath

The punch fabric wreath is a very simple wreath but it does take time.  You will want you plan to invest some time into this project.

Start by cutting your fabric into small squares.  I cut mine squares into three and a half by three and a half.  I cut a lot of squares and then started punching, then went back and cut another batch and then punched them in.

Two reasons I did this; one it gave me a break from cutting and punching because they both are very repetitive when I got tired of one I would switch back to the other.  Second, not knowing exactly how many squares I would need, I really did not want a bunch of squares left over.  Even if I only had one strip of material there is more I can do with that verses a bunch of squares.  On my patriotic wreath I had enough extra that I was able to make my rag wreath.

patriotic wreath

You start punching the fabric squares into the straw about a half to one inch with your screwdriver.  You will want to put them close enough together to cover the straw and to get a full look.

fabric squares

Work your way around the top and sides.

Continue until you fill the entire wreath.

Continue until you fill the entire wreath.

You will want to leave the back open so it lays flat against the door or wall.

I also added some squares of red, white, and blue lace squares to add some texture to my wreath.

I made a burlap bow and then added this cute raggy flower for a center to coordinate the material into the bow.  This is a fun and easy flower to make.

raggy flower

raggy flower

raggy flower

raggy flower

3. Apple Wreath

Not much says fall like red delicious apples. Use this example as your guide, but use your imagination to make it your own. This calls for Styrofoam wreath forms, burlap strips, fake apples, moss, and hot glue gun and sticks. All you do is cover the form with the burlap and then hot glue the apples to the form. It’s that simple, yet beautiful.

Apple Wreath

4. Cookie Wreath

One idea might be to use salt dough instead of cookies to make this wreath so that it can last longer and be used again. Whether you choose to color the dough or paint it, is up to you. But you simply make the cookies, form into a wreath using a cardboard wreath form, and either uses frosting or a glue gun (if you use the salt dough) to connect the leaves to the form.

Link - http://www.countryliving.com/diy-crafts/how-to/g1732/fall-cookie-wreath/

5. Monogram Fall Wreath

This is perfect for your front door or as a gift to someone else. You need a grapevine wreath form, burlap rosettes, your initial form, paint and a few more things to make this gorgeous sunflower fall monogram wreath for your front door. There really isn’t much to this wreath, but it looks great hung on an interior door.

Link - http://addicted2diy.com/2014/08/26/fall-monogram-wreath/

6. Pinecone Wreath

This pinecone wreath idea is genius. Use paint, pinecones you find outside (or buy at a craft store), a pool noodle, or another type of base to get started. If you can stick the pinecones to the form, that’s all you need. It’s a super-simple project that anyone can do if you can follow the directions. You’ll get something unique that other people might not have thought of before while using what you have available.

Link - http://thewhoot.com.au/whoot-news/crafty-corner/pine-cone-wreath

Making fall wreaths is fun. They make great décor pieces as well as gifts for everyone in your family. You might even be able to make them for a fundraiser for your group or organization, just in time for the fall craft sale seasons.

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