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Red Dead Redemption 2: Game review

For many, Red Dead Redemption remains the Rockstar Games’ finest hour.

Its long-awaited sequel comes amid a wave of controversy and expectation, with widespread reports of employees working 100-hour weeks leaving a sour taste amid all of the excitement.

It certainly didn’t hurt sales, with the game boasting the biggest opening weekend in entertainment history. Set at the turn of the 19th century and 12 years before the previous game, you take control of Arthur Morgan, a key figure in the Van der Linde gang.
Redemption 2
The gang’s camp serves as your base of operations, where you can stock up on supplies, customize your appearance and mingle with other outlaws.

Outside of the camp, there is a huge, sprawling world to explore.

Much of the time in the game will be spent on your trusted steed, exploring the game’s stunning landscapes. If your horse dies along with your travels they will be gone for good, a devastating blow for those who have bonded over the course of many hours.

In addition to missions that progress the game’s many stories, players will find themselves engaging in countless dynamic events. One event saw us stumble across a roaming trader being held up by two bandits. We intervened, killing the robbers but sparing the trader, who let us raid his company vehicle anyway for saving his life.

That was just one of many unpredictable moments and it is these moments that make the game such a joy to play.

Players can also spend time hunting or fishing to gain valuable supplies and crafting materials.

It is clear throughout that a huge amount of resources has been put into this game, and Rockstar have purposely made it a slow-paced affair to allow you to soak it all up.

But that slow-burning approach won’t be for everybody, especially those who may be expecting Grand Theft Auto in the wild west.

There are thrills to be found here, but Red Dead Redemption 2 is more about capturing a feeling.

A feeling of a time, and a way of life, on the brink of being forgotten as the world around it changes beyond recognition.

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